Rest up Kathmandu Hostel

About Us

Rest up Kathmandu Hostel is run by a group of friends who met working in tourism and have experience in the different sector of tourism, because of that we know what you are looking for. We offer all the comforts the modern travelers crave like clean bathroom with hot shower, good Wi-Fi and a tasty food with a magnificent view from our two story terrace restaurant. We believe that all maters in the end is the experience you have, the friends you make and the stories you take with you. This is why our hostel is all about vibe. Whether its for meeting like minded people and planning your night out or just reading a book in our terrace with nice view or meeting the people for adventure experience.

We treat our guest not only like customer but also like our friend too. Come to Rest up Kathmandu Hostel and become part of our big colorful family from all around the world.

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